Pinay fruit picker in Australia earns up to P226K a month

Mariel Larsen is a Filipina who became a citizen in Australia because she was married to an Australian. She has been residing there for 4 years together with her husband who was a fruit picker. Later on, she decided to enter his husband’s work to help with their needs. Being a fruit picker became their source of income.

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According to Mariel’s interview via the GMA network, their work is not as easy as we may think because they needed to harvest 300-500 kgs. of fruits a day. And at the end of the day, they will feel the pain in their back caused by the heavy bags filled with fruits they’ve been carrying throughout the day. But all of the pain and tiredness are all worth it because they earn AU$3,000-AU$6,000 (PHP 113,000-PHP226,000) every month.

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Mariel also shares that they have different clients that’s why they have to move from one farm to another. This is their permanent routine every year. She also added that their family was living in a camper van because it was convenient for their kind of work.

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