LOOK: New Microsoft Office app with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint combined

Microsoft just announced a new Office app that combines 3 office apps namely Word, Excel, and Powerpoint into just one app. The app will be available for both Android and iOS devices.

Photo via The Verge

The new Office app will allow you to access recent documents inside the app or create a new one using the ability to scan text or table from your phone.

The apps are identical but are combined in one app, making it more convenient and practical, you just save some space on home and more storage for your other apps. Though the three-in-one office apps set up are common on most office apps it is nice to see Microsoft leading that path.

Using the new office app on my iPhone 8 I can say that it is more of a central hub for the three apps. The features are streamlined but the basic functionalities are there plus you can convert images to text, scan pictures to PDFS, and scan OR codes on the go.

The app is available for public preview as of the time of this writing. And is available only for a smartphone and no support for iPads and Android tablets yet. To test the app you can go here for Android users and click this link for iOS users.

The new office app logo

Have fun and share with us your experience below.

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