Netflix now starts at PHP 149 in Philippines

The streaming giant Netflix started rolling out a new mobile-only plan in the Philippines that will only cost you 3 USD or PHP 149 per month.

Filipinos watch 2x more Netflix on mobile than the rest of the world. Two out of three Filipinos use downloads on their phones to watch Netflix on the go.Netflix director for Product Innovation Patrick Flemming told reporters during a video teleconference from Los Angeles, California on Wednesday.

Flemming said Netflix is confident about its mobile-only subscription in the Philippines as Filipinos spend more than 3 hours a day watching videos on mobile phones.

“We are launching a new plan for the Philippines… We are super excited to announce that it will be offered for P149 only,” he added. Pricing is aggresively enticing for me.

Netflix’s new Mobile plan is an addition to already existing plans namely basic at Php 369 a month, standard at Php 459 a month, and premium at Php 549 a month.

Flemming also said, “We’re enthusiastic to introduce the Mobile plan in the Philippines to make it even easier for anyone with a smartphone to enjoy Netflix. At home or on the go, now more people can watch all the shows and movies Netflix has to offer, wherever and whenever they want.”

If you watch movies mostly on your mobile phone the new plan would be a great start for a solid streaming service if you are not subscribe to any yet.

Customers can pay for the subscription using credit and debit cards, via direct carrier billing with existing networking provider, or with cash using a Netflix gift code. No Paypal option, which I want them to consider in the future.

To start with the plan you may want to download the mobile app for iOS or Android the website is also easier to navigate. Old users can still switch to the new plan under their account settings.

What do you think of the new Mobile-only plan? Please share your thoughts below.

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