PLDT warns users of scam sent through email


PLDT Public Advisory
[Nov. 9, 2019]

We have received reports of scam messages being sent to PLDT customers offering freebies such as prepaid TV cards, smartphones, and instant prizes. Such emails are NOT being sent by PLDT.

We urge you to not respond to these messages. Official PLDT promos are published in official PLDT Facebook and Twitter accounts and in Thank you for your understanding and vigilance.

Last month October, they also warned subscribers about payment discounts scam.

Don’t fall for this Scam!

We have received reports from customers about individuals on Social Media promising discounts off your PLDT Home Bills once you pay through checks with them.

Be vigilant against these online scams and pay only through our authorized payment channels.

For the complete list of payment channels, please visit

If you are receiving suspicious emails or text claiming to be PLDT please report it immediately to the official PLDT Facebook and Twitter accounts and in


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